The Revenue of the Priest

Operating as a Priest has been and should be a fulltime job. Many in today's times desire to Pastor and stop working immediately.

Can they afford it?

Can the church afford it?

Have they counted up the cost?

Are they accessible to the membership?

Are they working at the church?

Are they engaged in ministry?

The resounding answers to these questions is an alarming


Let's face it, it takes time and money to support ministry. Where did this idea come from? How was it devised? Let's look in the word. The Priest would recieve their revenue or income from the following ways:

Nu 18:26-28; Ne 10:37-38; He 7:5

Nu 18:8-13, Dt 18:4

  • From redemption money of the first born

  • Nu 3:48-51; Nu 18:15-16

    Nu 18:17-18; Ex 13:12-13

    Dt 18:4

    Le 24:9, 1 Sa 21:3-6, Mt 12:4

    Le 7:6-10, 31-34; Nu 6:19-20; Nu 18:8-11; Dt 18:3

    Nu 18:14

    Nu 5:8

    Nu 31:29-41

    1 Chr 6:57-60, Nu 35:1-8

    In order for the Priest to have full rights to the above revenue, they were always at the temple or tabernacle. The purpose for them to operate as a Priest and perform their duties was to be free them from daily occupations. Being a Priest was their occupation and they recieved a salary just like any other job. How many Priest (Pastors) do you know who are recieving revenue from the church but they are not really working at the church or doing the work of the church?

    Peace and blessings be unto you.

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