Garments of The Priest

Attire has caused a great deal of confusion in the church.

What to wear?

How long?

How short?

What color?

To cover or uncover?

What does the word of God say?

The priest were not permitted to wear normal street clothes in the tabernacle during times of priestly duties. What is meant by street clothes today as compared to then? The garments were not something that they would wear to a social gathering or while engaging in daily domestic activities. The priest had special and sacred garments that were to be worn solely in the tabernacle. To break it down in laymen's terms. You would not wear your choir robe to the grocery store. You would not wear your choir robe to your place of employment. Are you seeing the picture? The priest would wear a coat or a tunic, Ex 28:40; 39:27. This was a long flowing garment, much like our clergy robes of today. They would also wear a girdle and a bonnet, Ex 28:40; 39:28. This is not the girdle we think of for "tummy control". This was a belt worn loosely on the outside of the coat or tunic. The bonnet was a headcovering much like a turban or a "beanie". Under all of this the priest would wear linen breeches, Ex 28:42; 39:28. This is just what you think it is ... underwear! The garments of the priest were consecrated and laid up in holy chambers, Ex 29:9; 40:15; Ex 44:19. These garments were always worn while performing priestly duties, Ex 28:43; 39:41. Finally, the priest had to wash before putting on these holy garments, Ex 30:18-21. They needed to purify themselves before attempting to perform these duties. What we see in churches today is far from Biblical. Yes the robes should be elobrate but not flashy, and more importantly the ministers need to be washed and purified before operating. In the New Testament robes were seldom mentioned. Sometimes they were called a cloak, II Ti 4:13.

This is probably the reason why so many today choose not to wear robes.

Is it right or wrong?

Who cares!

What is important is

How the minister is living & What is their message

The only requirements that remained the same for priest yesterday and today are: They should be washed and purified and their garments should be special.

Peace and blessings be unto you.

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