The Priest in the Tabernacle

The first time that persons acted as priest is recorded in Ge 4:3-4. Now during the patriarchal age the head of the family acted as a priest, Ge 8:20; 12:8; 35:7. After the exodus, young men usually the first born would operate as a priest, Ex 24:5; 19:22.

Aaron was the first anointed priest. His name means mountaineer, mountain of strength or illuminator. A man was sanctified by God for this office and was publicly consecrated, Ex 29:44; Ex 28:3, Nu 3:3.

The name priest was first applied to Melchizedek, Ge 14:18. According to Levitical assignments the office of the priest was restricted to the tribe of Levi, which included one of the families of that tribe which was Aaron's.

The duties of a priest were very great and can be found in Ex 27:20-21; 29:38-44; Le 6:12; 10:11; 24:8 and the list goes on. The main functions of a priest was to represent the people before God and to offer sacrifices.

All priest prefigured the great Priest who offered the sacrifice for sins once and for all - namely Jesus Christ. All true believers are called priest. As priest we have free access into the holiest of all and to offer up sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving daily. Never let your personal fire go out!

Peace and blessings be unto you.

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