The Mercy Seat

As we close this section of discussing the Tabernacle, the most precious piece of furniture comes into view

The Mercy Seat.

The mercy seat was the lid to the ark of the covenant. The ark of the covenant was 3' 9" long, 2' 3" wide and 2' 3" high. It was made of shittim wood and overlaided inside and outside with pure gold. It had built in rings and staves for transportation. The lid was made of solid gold. On the ends of the mercy seat there were cherubims facing each other, with their wings spread out, Ex 25:10-21. It was here that the Lord met and communed with them Ex 25:22.

What was inside the ark?

The area we want to focus on this month is, the point that God dwelt over the mercy seat Ps 80:1. God appeared or showed up in a cloud over the mercy seat Lev 16:2.

Our churches should be like the mercy seat - the place where His glory dwells. We need to move pass visitation and strive for habitation. It was here that God spoke Ex 25:22, Num 7:89. Who does most of the speaking in our churches today? What is inside the ark is important but it is not the end all. Today we focus more on the things inside the sanctuary than we do on who's in the sanctuary! God still desires to speak to his people. With our worship and our praise we can create a mercy seat. If we build it He will come. Let's stop casually dating the presence of God and move on to marrying or dwellling with Him. Let's confess, repent and clean up the temple. Let's polish up the mercy seat. Let Him come back home, back to the mercy seat, where the cloud is hovering and God is speaking.

Peace and blessings be unto you.

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