Yes, there is. If the head is messed up then the body will be messed up. If the leadership is weak then the body will be weak. When you have a headache your whole body is effected. This is the same theory in the Church. We have some corrupt, weak and sickly Pastors (Priests). With this type of corruption in the church, the body suffers with the disease. We are "dis-eased".

Many priest in the Bible were recorded as being greedy, 1 Sa 2:13-17. Some were even reported as being drunken, Is 28:7. That is no different than today. We have pastors who are profaned and wicked, 1 Sam 2:22-24. We even have some who are unjust, Jer 6:13. Then and now, it is all the same. We still have corrupters of the law, Is 28 & Ma 2:8. Pastors today are slow to sanctify themselves for God's services, 2 Chr 29:34. Churches throught this world are being led by pastors who are ineffective for removing sin, He 7:11 & 10:11.

Take a good look at our churches. Are we living totally sold out to God? When the leadership of the church gets right the body will have to follow. The church does not need fancy pulpit robes nor great speakers. We need pastors who will cry loud and spare not. We need the corruption to be removed and the Spirit to come back and take His rightful place. What is His rightful place? The mercy seat (the throne of our hearts). In order to get God to come back home, we need to clean up the house and take out the trash.

Peace and blessings be unto you.

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