A Man's Unspoken Needs

Part 2

7. Men Need Other Men Like Them - Men like to be in the company of men just like them. That isn't always the best thing in the world, but it's not a bad place to start. Some have found that the best way to reach doctors was to have a small group for doctors. They have reached lawyers by having a group of those in that field. They discovered that men naturally gravitate toward men facing the pressures they face and doing the same jobs they do. This flocking together of birds of a feather isn't always true, but keep it in mind.

8. Men Need Help Working Around Daily Work - Downsizing and takeovers are wearing out men and their families. Add to that emotional weariness the long, odd hours most men work. The result? How and when we do ministry with men will largely revolve around their lives at work. The most precious commodity for men is time. They don't have enough of it. How they divide it is crucial. Leaders of men's ministries need to consider the competing time demands men face and be sensitive about how many meetings to have and how long they last. Announce how long each meeting will last. The men may stay two hours for the first meeting and be to busy to ever come again. Look carefully at the yearly schedule to ensure that they are not pulled away from home and work too much. Since some men start early in the morning and others work late, it is important to offer activities at a variety of times to meet the needs of the men.

9. Men Need Healing - Not many of the men you minister to go to work and hear what a great job they are doing. When they get home their kids don't usually say what a great dad they have and thank him for working all day long so they can have a roof over their head and food to eat. Later that evening their wives probably won't applaud their performance as a dad or a husband. No, most of the guys you work with will be rather discouraged about life. They need a refuge where they can heal and be encouraged in their roles as men, fathers, husbands and workers.

10. Men Need Freedom - Men who are taught from boyhood to win, develop a fierce independence. Men have difficulty forming friendships with other men. They would rather stand alone and fight alone than work together. Men's ministry will work to pull men together at the same time they reflexively pull apart. Men need respect for their space.

11. The Need to Identify. God established the Church to be the carrier of a unique message that would help to prepare those who would be alive when Jesus comes. We live in a time when there is a spirit of brotherhood among men. This can cause some men to become confused as to what role they play as Christian Men among men of other faiths and traditions. As men become more comfortable in sharing with men of other faiths they need to be encouraged to identify with the unique message that gives them a special mission and role in the events leading up to the coming of Jesus. Men should seek the face of God who is the real identity maker.

Peace and blessings be unto you.

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