A Man's Unspoken Needs

We are going to spend this time talking about some of the needs of men. To our ladies in the audience we did not forget you. You are welcomed Inside the Tabernacle and very soon we will dedicate sometime to you and your needs. The body of Christ must recognize that we are one body with many members. We all have needs, some spoken and some unspoken. Let's look at some of the unspoken needs of a man.

1. The need of action. A man's self-image is largely determined by what he does and what he accomplishes. A man's goal orientation pushes him to achieve things and to focus until the task is completed. Men enjoy working on projects where results can be solid and tangible. Look at Adam. Adam was a man of action and he executed his actions to the letter.

2. The need of safety. One rule of masculinity has been "Thou shalt not show emotion" Men are rarely open with their thoughts or feelings unless there is a safe environment for openness. A key ingredient that makes this happen is a clear commitment to confidentiality. Men need time and safety in order to develop authentic relationships. If a man does not have this safety in his relationships, his emotions will shut down as well as his ability to express them.

3. The need to be challenged. Men grow up with challenges. In school it's the big exam. In athletics its the big game. In the business world it's the big sale, or the merger or a new product or a new venture. Men expect to be challenged. In the Gospels we see Jesus over and over again drawing a line in the sand and daring the disciples to meet Him on His side. It's no different today. Men aren't interested in a ministry that gets together to chew the fat. They want to be challenged to act, pray, behave and think in a way that glorifies God.

4. The need to get to the point. The Christian man wants to know what the program is all about. He does not want to spend time on fluff, trappings and extracurricular activities. This mind set will greatly impact what and how we do our men's ministry. Men want to get to the point. What is the purpose of coming? What is ministry? Men want to know what two or three practical life applications they can take home from their time of sharing together.

5. The need to win. Almost all of us have grown up with the pressure to win. We are taught to be independent and self sufficient. Failure isn't an option. Men bring this unmet need into the church. A man needs to know what he is fighting for. Winners find a way to win. Once you get a man focused on the goal and purpose, the need to win will rise to the challenge. David was a man who had the need to win.

6. The need to dream. Men grow up dreaming and thinking big. If you give a man the opportunity to brainstorm and dream, you are releasing the dreamer within him. Allow him to think big and see himself involved in something bigger than himself. This need to dream should impact informal times as well. Men want to discuss their dreams and find ways to act upon them. When a man dreams, he will be prone to talk out loud. This does not mean that he is going to do it right now. It just means that he must talk to himself and speak his dream into a slow but certain reality. Joseph was a man who had the need to dream and look at the end result. It takes time to dream.

Peace and blessings be unto you.

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