Something amazing is taking place here at Elam Tabernacle Pastor Jones is currently preaching a new series entitled "Worship the Sequel". If you remember the Worship Series and how anointed our Pastor was during the time of that series you will be overjoyed to, know that it is back

Worship the Sequel

The Christian Education Ministry, the Media Ministry and the Ministerial Ministry of Elam Tabernacle have come together to share this series with you. The new release will be on the Media Ministry page soon, don't miss it! As a frequent visitor to Inside the Tabernacle, you know we don't give you everything. Here are just some of the highlights about

Worship the Sequel

It all starts with

"The Chase - I want more"

It is in this part that Pastor Jones explains the hunger for the presence of God and how we must become God chasers. Worship is a lifestyle. In order to chase or pursue, we need something to institute the chase, to light our fire and to create a hunger for God. We are not satisfied until we have found what we are looking for or until the chase is over. Nothing will stand in our way while we are in the chase, because we want more. Pastor Jones talks about hunting season and how we must dress the part while we are hunting. The hunt - the chase, they both go together.

There are promises to seekers or chasers.

What are they?

There are guidelines for seeking or chasing.

What are they?

The anointing during this message was explosive!

In the second part, Pastor Jones preached from the subject

"The Connection - something's happening"

What a message. This sermon took us from the chase to finally coming in contact with the object of our pursuit - God. Something happens when you come in contact with God. During this connection you will never be the same again. Moses was our key example and we found out just what taking off his shoes really meant. In order for worship to continue or to become a sequel, we must seek the connection. When a true connection to God has been made and He gives His portifolio; something happens.

What did Moses do?

What made God call Moses by name?

This message left us speechless yet pondering, what's next?

What an experience

Being in the presence of God during this series has been a great blessing

In part three, Pastor Jones preached about

"The Atmosphere of God - behind closed doors"

The word and the revelation was so plain that it seemed as though we saw the glory of the Lord come down. Learning how to set the stage for God and allow him to set the atmosphere is key to the presence of God. So many things happen behind closed doors and it is private time. Esther spent many days soaking and preparing behind closed doors. Before David became the warrior and king that he was, God taught him behind closed doors. There is an atmosphere of God and it has conditions. Pastor Jones explained to us the conditions of God's glory. These conditions are the same as principles. Principles never change, they are the same regardless of where you are. By the conclusion of this message, many of us stood in awe at the glory of God. To really see with your own eyes what you have always been told or read about, come true. With all that we experienced in part three, the thought of knowing that worship the sequel was not over, was more than we could bear. We still had to go through part four. We could hardly stand this, part four was certain to be a true slayer.

Just as we anticipated, part four was lethal. There was such a charge in the tabernacle on this day. Pastor Jones ministerd from the subject

"The Transformation - when he's done"

"The Chase" was over

We've made "The connection"

We experienced "The Atmosphere"

What a "Transformation"

We all were transformed by the plain word that was spoken. Pastor Jones shared with us about Moses coming down from Mt. Sinai and putting a veil over his face. We learned just what a veil is. We also learned how pretenders are still using the veil today. God wants his people to be naked before him. A Shinning face takes on a whole new meaning now. In order to get that glow you have to stay in his presence until he is done. We just can't pick and choose when we are going to leave the presence of God. Moses spent 40 days and 40 nights in the presence of God. Pastor Jones challenged us as always. He posed this question to us. When people look at your face can they tell that you have been with God? He explained to us what our face means in a Biblical sense. Then came the ultimate challenge. Moses came down from the mountain with something in his hand.When we come down from the presence of God do we come down empty handed and empty hearted or are we a loaded weapon of His glory? The presence of God was so heavy in the tabernacle during this closing message. Many of us just stood in his glory motionless. Heaven certainly did open upon us that day. There was such a heavy cloud that the true title of this series came to life. There was truly a sequel to our worship.

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Included in this series is a special bonus tape just for you. This is by far one of the greatest series released under his ministry.

What is God going to give him next?

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Worship the Sequel

Peace and blessings be unto you.

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