Our Worship Service

Here at Elam Tabernacle we worship God with all that is within us, offering ourselves as a living sacrifice. You will see a variety of expressions and manifestations within our worship services, that may include:

Standing - 1 Ki 8:22, 1 Chr 23:30, Ps 134:1

Kneeling - Ps 95:6, Acts 20:36

Bowing down - Is 45:23, Ps 95:6

Lifting hands - Ps 47:1

Clapping hands - Ps 47:1

Shouting (loud rejoicing) - Ps 47:1, 118:15

Singing (psalms, hymns and spiritual songs) - 1 Chr 15:22, 16:42

Dancing and celebrating - 1 Chr 15:29, Ps 150:4

Speaking in tongues - 1 Cor 14:2-28

Laying on of hands - Heb 6:2, 1 Tim 5:22, Acts 13:3

During our services, worship takes many forms. Sometimes it is structured and other times spontaneous. Sometimes it is loud and other times very quiet. Sometimes there is an explosive celebration of praise and other times there is quiet reverence of worship. We strongly stand upon the Word of God and actively seek the Glory of God.

Our doors are always open to you.

If you need healing come to God

If you need salvation come to God

If you need deliverance come to God

If you need a word come to God

Our coming to God has birthed

Elam Tabernacle

A church after God's own heart

Your coming to God will change your whole life

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