Running In Circles

Pastor Lamont W. Jones

Some of the world's greatest disguisers and pretenders are in the church. They decorate the outside, put on a smile and seem to look like everthing is under control.


The outside may look under control but the inside, the inner man is running in circles. Inwardly many people are running in circles and ending up nowhere. Church goers love to pretend and play dress up. Real saints know the power of forgiveness and the grace God grants when we fall. Because of Calvary we should not be running in circles. Our path should be straight and narrow and we should run this race with patience. Stop the maddness and get control of yourself.

If you are just running in circles, come to Jesus and accept him as your Lord and Savior and allow him to stop the merry-go-round. If you continue running in circles . . . you may become dizzy!

Let's wise up and stop running in circles

First Lady Maria L. Jones

Be Yourself

Pretending gets you nowhere, just like running in circles gets you nowhere. Come to Jesus, take off the costume and be honest with yourself. The key to you being able to stop running in circles is to be honest within. Man looks on the outside but God sees the heart. You have one soul and one lifetime to make it count. Don't let your work be in vain. Don't look one way on the outside and your inside is running in circles. Get control and stop going around and around. Take a look in your inner mirror (your heart) and see, is that who God wants you to be?

Be who you are

God is looking at your heart

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