Rough Waters

Pastor Lamont W. Jones

Flowing in the Spirit does not always mean that the ride will be smooth and free from rough spots. This kind of thinking can be very damaging to the body of Christ. The waters of life sometimes are smooth and frequently just "down right rough!" The word rough seems like an understatement. Many times it feels like the bottom has dropped out and your world is turned upside down. The under current is so strong it attempts to pull you under. Despite how you feel and what it looks like, you need to keep in mind; that God is a very present help in times of trouble. Since some people think their life is full of trouble, they should be comforted in knowing that He would always be there. The storm will past and the clouds will move away. The sun will shine again. If your rough waters are during the night season, just know that God created the moon to rule the night. The moon is a symbol of the son of man, light in darkness or the church that shines. The next time you encounter rough waters during your night season, look up and see the moon -

He will calm your rough waters!

First Lady Maria L. Jones

Facing rough waters alone

Many times we feel like we are in this world all alone. Everything around us; what we see, hear and feel all add up to equal loneliness. Richard Smallwood wrote a song, "You're Not Alone." The waters are very rough and sometimes it seems like you are unable to keep your head up, but remember- you're not alone! In your darkest hour, just remember - you're not alone, never alone. I submitted to the will of God and stand with my husband and Pastor, as we face the rough waters together. With God holding one hand and my mate holding the other, I too now see the moon. A light in darkness during rough waters.

Look up - You're Not Alone!

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