Who Will You Glorify?

Halloween has never been a Christian holiday, and it has no place in the life of a born again believer in Jesus Christ. In fact, it is an abomination to God and we should take our stand firmly against it. As we look at its history we find that its roots go deep into heathenism, paganism, satanism and the occult, and its modern expression is no better.

History of Halloween (Celtic New Year) - October 31 is the most important day in the satanic year. It marks the Celtic New Year and the end of the growing season. It became a festival of death. On this day the god of the Celtics was to have called up the spirits of the wicked dead who died during the past year. At the same time other evil spirits arose and went about the countryside harassing the people. On October 31, the Celtics expected to be harassed by ghost, evil spirits, demons and it was no fun and games to them. They would light bonfires to guide the spirits to their own town and ward off evil spirits.

Druids - The Celtics had satanic priest called druids. On October 31, the druids went from house to house demanding certain foods and all those who refused were cursed. The people were tormented by means of magic. As they went, the druids carried large turnips, which they had hollowed out and carved demon's faces as charms. Each one was believed to contain the demon spirit that personally led or guided the priest - his little god.

Divination - Those who practiced fortune telling and divination found that this was the night that they had the most success. They called upon satan to bless their efforts. One form of divination was to put apples in a tub and bob for them. The one who first successfully came up with one, without putting it in his teeth, was to have good luck through the year. They would peel the apples and throw the peeling over their shoulders and then quickly look around. They expected to see a vision or apparition of the one they were to marry.

Sacrifices - These things happened several centuries before Christ. Sacrifices were made to the gods, especially the god of death - Samhain (lord of the dead) pronounced (sah win). Sacrifices which included things from vegetables to humans were offered. This went on and on and in some parts of the world it still goes on today. Children were made to pass through the fire. Parents who willingly sacrificed their children received a special blessing from the gods for doing so.

8th Century - In the Eighth Century the Pope, in an effort to get the people to quit the festival of Samhain, invented All Saints Day (November 1). This was an attempt to get the people to turn away from the horrible observance of Samhain. All Saints Day was intended to honor the martyrs of the Roman persecutions. It didn't work! It never works to Christianized a pagan holiday. The holy and the profane don't mix.

The Middle Ages - In the Middle Ages there was a great revival of satanic practices, witchcraft and magic like there is today. During this time the belief developed that witches traveled on broomsticks on the black sabbaths to worship satan on October 31. They were guided by spirits in the form of black cats. The Druids worshipped cats believing them to be reincarnated evil people.

Church Involvement - The festival of death has survived all the efforts of the Church to stamp it out. The Church is joining the opposition by celebrating this festival. The devil has been very successful in invading Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter, providing counterfeits for the real thing. Halloween is different! It has always been satanic. He has deluded the Christians into celebrating his festival. All Saints Day became All Hallows Day. Hallow means holy or sacred. October 31 is the evening before All Hallows Day and came to be called in the Western World, All Hallows Een. Een is an abbreviation of evening. Finally the word was reduced to the way we have it today, Halloween. That's where the name came from, and if it is called All Hallows Evening, it has nothing to do with the Christian faith and it never did.

Modern Halloween - Now let's look at the present day celebration of Halloween. Isn't the whole theme one of darkness, death, fear, threats, destruction and evil? There are witches, broomsticks, bats, owls, ghost, skeletons, death and monsters. We dress up our children as demons, witches, ghouls, monsters and werewolves and send them out into the streets in the darkness to reenact the Druids practice of demanding food from people under threat of tricks (or curses) if they don't comply. We take not a turnip but a pumpkin and carve demon faces in it and decorate with them. At Halloween there will be apple bobbing, divination, fortune telling, haunted houses, candles lit and spirits called up. There will be seances and ouija boards in the name of fun and excitement. There will be sacrifices of dogs, cats, rats, chickens, goats and even humans! You say, "well, we don't take it seriously". But the devil does and so does God. Particularly this is true when the Church which He purchased with His own precious blood builds houses of horror in its fellowship halls so that the little lambs who have been entrusted to its care can be terrified and opened up to invading spirits of fear, torment and confusion. How this must grieve the Lord! Who will you glorify? Dressing up like Bible characters and having a Harvest Party or a Fall Celebration is no different. All you've done was change the name and compromised the sacred word of God. Regardless of what you do or call it, the root will still be the same - rebellion. Who will you glorify? The chief purpose of man is to praise and glorify the true and living God. He who is holy let him be holy still and he who is filthy let him be filthy still. Let the words of my mouth and the mediation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, oh Lord my strength and my redeemer.


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Major source:

Tom McKenny

Pastor Lamont W. Jones

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