Is it good luck


God's blessings?

Many times we may have wondered are we living off of luck or is it God's blessings? Before we can fully understand this we need to define luck and blessing. Luck is a chance or fortune, to walk upon something desirable by chance. A blessing is to invoke divine care for, to confer happiness upon. When I think about those two words, I realize that I am blessed not lucky. To have something great or something small happen in my life; is having the blessings of God upon me. All that I have and all that God intends to give me is a blessing. To pass a test, to get a new car when your credit is jacked up is a blessing. Well, you can call it what you want. If you want luck than be lucky, if you want blessings than be blessed. It is so good to have someone to care for you and to have your best interest at heart. That is what it is like having Christ in your life. Does that mean that we never have bad days? Does that mean that we don't get angry? No. We as Christians go through the same struggles as the unsaved do. The biggest difference is that we have the blesser on our side. Lady Luck may help you in your own personal time of need. Even Lucky Charms may soothe your troubled mind. We won't mention the witchcraft attached to those objects. Your lucky number or your lucky hat may really come to your aid. Ask yourself is that a spirit of divination, a familiar spirit or a lying spirit? What do you do when these items are not near you? I trust in the true and living God, who is a very present help in times of trouble. He is the refuge for my soul. He is my rock in a weary land. I realize that I am blessed, because I know the blesser and He keeps blessing me and every day I receive His blessings, what blessedness I have so that I may bless others. Luck comes by chance. Blessings are deliberately given. With luck you stumble upon it or it just happens! With blessings it is highly orchestrated and set up before you get to the place to receive it. Luck plays hard to get and is only gotten when it gets tired of running. Blessings chase you and certainly catch you, because you can't out run them. The Bible tells us in Deuteronomy 28 what to do to receive the blessings of God. It gives us clear directives. Luck is by chance or by coincidence, something that happens apparently without reason. That is not the same with the Blessings of God. You know exactly why, where, when and from whom. With luck it is too much to assume and put together. That is much like purchasing an item that states, "some assembling required". You will only need a screwdriver, some pliers and another person to assist you. By the time you are done; you would have used the whole tool box and four other people to help, only to find out that you've put it together upside down (ask me how I know). With the blessings of God there is nothing to put together and the only help you need is someone to help you praise Him for His mighty acts.

So the next time that you think that you were lucky to survive that car accident without a scratch, remember it was a blessing and not luck. I was born on March 17th, St. Patrick's Day. That day did not bring my parents nor myself any luck. However, it did deliver a blessing to them and I was blessed with life. Your lucky numbers coming out on the lottery and you're winning the jackpot may seem like good luck to you. Malachi 3:10 gives me more hope than any lottery could. Yes the money may look good and spend very well, but how about having the blesser and let the blessings fall where they may?

The luck of the Irish or the blessings of God?

I'll rest in His blessings!

May the peace and blessings of the Almighty God be upon you.

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