Reaching for the cross

There are so many things that we strive to achieve in life.  From the time that we are old enough to comprehend we are taught to be high achievers.

Young boys and girls attempt very hard to get good grades and to be the best in their classes.  When they reach adolescence they try to be the best in sports and setting standards for themselves.  Later they are off to college or the military to continue this quest for greatness.  Their hope is to get a good job, make lots of money, own a fabulous house and live life to the fullest.

All of this is great, but why arenít we teaching them and ourselves to reach for the cross?  The Bible makes it very clear that with all thy getting to get an understanding.  It also tells us to acknowledge him in all of our ways and He will direct our path.

Daily we should be reaching for the cross.  The cross is a symbol of freedom and liberation.  We should never forget the cross and the events that took place on the cross.  What would it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?

Trust me, I am like the next person and I love nice things.  Yet, my soul is not satisfied with just nice things.  Heaven and earth shall pass away but the word of God will stand forever.  I needed to be grounded in something that would stand forever.  In this economy that we live in, nothing is solid.  What looks good today can become sour by tomorrow.  What we have invested can all be wiped away suddenly.  

Reaching for the cross will keep you and the things that concern you in check.

How can you truly reach for the cross and not see Jesus?

How can you truly reach for the cross and not change?

How can you truly reach for the cross and not become a new creature?

Reaching for the cross has certainly changed my view on life and the way I handle situations.  We all love to set goals for ourselves.  We must remember that our goals must be achievable and reasonable.  We certainly must be able to maintain the goal.  I am reminded of the scripture that says, forgetting those things (and you know what they are), which are behind you (the position of lifeís problems) and press (reach) toward the mark (the cross) of the prize (eternal life) of the high calling (your freedom) in Jesus.

If things are not going right for you

Are you reaching for the wrong things?

You will eventually touch whatever you are reaching for.  The question then becomes, what am I reaching for?

Keep in mind that reaching can be done numerous ways:

With our minds we can reach

With our emotions we can reach

With our mouths we can reach

With our behavior we can reach

With our spirits we can reach

With our worship we can reach

With our finances we can reach

With our prayers we can reach

You see there are so many ways to reach whatever youíre reaching for.  I have reached many times and have touched, held and handled the wrong things.  Now I am reaching for the cross (the things of God).  Oh yes, in your reaching you will be misunderstood and even criticized.  And yes it hurts but, if God before you who can be against you?  We all have the right to choose.  We will either reach for Him now while he may be found or when this life is over and He is no longer Savior but Judge.  How about getting your focus together and begin reaching for the cross today before itís too late.


Lift your hands and start reaching for the cross

You will touch Him!

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