Flowing In The Spirit

Pastor Lamont W. Jones

Life is like water, it starts one place and ends somewhere else. That somewhere is what holds us back from our purpose in life. Water is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. It is pure and transparent. There are no components that cloud it or presents falsehood. We started out on life's journey just as you did. Some are flowing in the Spirit and some are just going thru the motions. Where we are now is the place that God ordained before the foundation of the world. As members of the body of Christ we should be flowing in the Holy Spirit. Through life's courses, ups and downs, what difference does it make if Emmanuel is with us? Start today, let go of the sides, get off the banks, jump in and start flowing in the Spirit.

I'll meet you down stream!

First Lady Maria L. Jones

I also started out on the banks, waiting and watching. Being around the flow of the Holy Spirit was nothing new to me. I was raised up in the church with all of it's traditions. However, I never really knew how to allow the Spirit to flow through me. Me, the little girl, the water watcher, and edge dweller; has grown up to be free and flowing in the Spirit. Come jump in as I did. Flowing in the Spirit is the only way to go.

I will also meet you down stream!


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